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Five Leadership Mistakes To Avoid


Guest articles > Five Leadership Mistakes To Avoid


by: Anthony T. Eaton


We all make mistakes, it’s inevitable and leaders are no exception; after all, they are only human. Even so, there are some mistakes that certainly can and should be avoided. I interviewed leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds about leadership and here is how five of them answered this question.

What do you think is the biggest mistake any leader can make?

Richard Shapiro: I think a leader makes a mistake when he/she doesn’t thank and appreciate the staff. Employees should be continually acknowledged.

Scott Mabry: Well there are many potential pitfalls but I think one of the biggest mistakes I see leaders make over and over is trying to create dependent followers in order to maintain control and feed their ego. This is manifested in micro management, arrogance, power plays and needing to be the smartest person on the room.

Tim Paynter: Allowing one's ego to interfere with solid decisions. Leadership is sometimes luck and fate, but one must always keep the greater good in mind.

Tony R. Smith: Take credit for the work of an entire team. A leader is just part of the picture of success.

Rick Mann: Failing to listen well. Failure in continuing to learn.

These are by no means the only mistakes leaders should avoid, there are probably enough to fill a book, mine is Don’t Make Assumptions: Don’t assume your employees “know” things like how to perform work or what you want and expect. Unless you have seen them successfully do something, they have confirmed understanding err on the side of assuming they may not. Far too often I hear leaders say they “expect” employees to know something that perhaps they don’t because they have never had the experience, opportunity or it was not made clear to them.


Contributor: Anthony T. Eaton

Published here on: 28-Feb-16

Classification: Leadership



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