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Contributing articles


These are notes for you if you are considering contributing articles to this site.

To submit any article, please email it to us or send us a link to a website where it is held.

The core purpose of the site is to inform and educate in the general domain of changing minds. Please keep this in mind when writing and submitting articles.

To make accessing articles easier, articles are best submitted in flat text or HTML, although .pdf and .doc documents may be included.

Although longer articles are acceptable, do remember that people reading on the web often are seeking concise information. Breaking the text up with sub-headings also helps.

Links to other sites and personal information, including email addresses may be included, but please do make these useful destinations. Unless you explicitly add your email address in the body of the article, it will not be included -- the annoyance of spam is very well understood!

If you want to remove or change any article you have contributed, please do contact us and we will seek to make appropriate changes within a reasonable timescale.

Legal stuff

It is assumed that you have copyright to anything you submit. By submitting an article you give permission for it to be published.

The owners of this site retain rights to refuse or edit contributions. This will generally be done to remove or change offending items or otherwise fix spelling and grammatical glitches.

Articles which blatantly advertise or unreasonably offend will not be published. Links to advertising or otherwise inappropriate sites will also not be included.

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