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Sunday 20-March-16

The Greatest America?

Donald Trump is still doing well, with his sweeping statements gaining remarkable influence. Recently, he said '...we are going to make America great again. Maybe greater than before.' Hmmm. Maybe he's on to something there.

No matter what you think of him, Trump is playing a fine game of cards, bluffing and bamboozling his opponents and stealing their oxygen, their media inches and minutes, with his outrageous rhetoric. He opens his mouth and seemingly random stuff comes out, yet his audience laps it all up. Why this happens is another conversation (go see Scott Adams' blog for neat views on this). Today, I have a suggestion that could help him. Not that he's listening to me, but never mind.

It's that 'great' thing. I am British, and kind of like that I live in Great Britain, not just Britain. Why? Because it makes me feel superior. Not that this little island is the superpower it once was, but the great name is still there and I can still pretend. There is a similar thing in America, where it's citizens like the feeling that it is the world's greatest place, and perhaps feel a little rankled that it isn't as great as it once was.

This cultural desire for greatness is what Trump taps into. It's a Republican theme in particular (hence their hawkish tendencies). So why not major on this? Talk not just about making America great again, but push beyond to 'the greatest'. Make this a key word. Adopt the strapline 'The Greatest America'. A bit arrogant, perhaps? Yet tapping into deep American feelings. Which is all very Trump.

And along with it all is the rubbing off of 'greatest' onto the man himself. Step aside Muhammed Ali, here comes Donald Trump!

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