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There's a Fine Line Between a Groove and a Rut


Book reviews > There's a Fine Line Between a Groove and a Rut


Kittredge III. G.D. (2005). There's a Fine Line Between a Groove and a Rut, Rochester, NY: WME Books


George Kittredge is a solid sales professional who has put his pen where his voice has been for many years and produced a delightful little tome.  Although a relatively basic book, it has content that will be of interest to a range of people.

There are a number of straightforward but powerful tips spread through the book, including ideas for constant promotion, painting pictures with words, and so on. Kittredge recommends against cold calling and for the more fruitful referrals and connecting with each person. Most importantly, he calls for structuring and management of how you sell.

The 'fine line' is the danger point where successful salesperson can become unsuccessful, for example by slippage of technique and failure to continuously learn and improve. This is a stern warning to all sales people out there who dream of sustained financial success and Kettridge's tips are all worth taking very seriously.

The style of the book is chatty and easy to read, and at 138 pages, it doesn't take long to complete.

Kittredge explains a number of sales training techniques to get his points across in the classroom, which should be of great interest to sales managers and trainers.

Overall, I liked the book and, critically, I kept reading, which after ploughing through many other books is a great sign!


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G. D,. Kittredge III, There's a Fine Line Between a Groove and a Rut, WME Books, 2005

A straightforward and delightful book from sales educator George Kittredge III. Fundamental stuff for new people, a stern warning for experienced people and useful ideas for sales managers and trainers.



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