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Miller, A. (2006). Metaphorically Selling, New York: Chiron Associates


There are a lot of books out there on selling, and to get attention these days you have to add something new to the pile. 'How I became a great salesperson' has been done to death, so new angles are the order of the day.

And Anne Miller has produced just this -- a readable and interesting book that takes a different cut, adding something new for both the experienced and new sales star.

Metaphors are powerful ways to extend language, changing or creating new meaning, and a conscious command of metaphor will add to your linguistic powers.

Miller's book is sliced into four sections, first putting the case for metaphors, then 'building metaphor muscle. Part three is the meat of the book, focusing on the use of metaphor in selling, followed by a section on building your metaphoric capability on an ongoing basis.

Miller's experience as a sales trainer comes through as the style is conversational and rich with instructions examples, making for a readable, useful book (unlike some of the unstructured rambles out there).

What would I change about the book? Not a lot. Perhaps a little more academic depth, but then I'm like that and references put off some good folks.

Overall, then, if you're a sales person and you're looking to strengthen your ability with words so you can paint a whole new universe for your customers, this book may be just what you need.

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[Coda: for the interested, just count the metaphors in the above review



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Anne Miller, Metaphorically Selling, Chiron Associates, 2004 

  A novel cut on sales, adding something new to the literature. Sales consultant Anne Miller has written a highly practical and readable book that will be of interest to sales people everywhere.



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