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Spanyi, A. (2005). More for Less, Meghan-Kitffer Press, FL: Tampa


'More for Less', subtitled, 'The Power of Process Management' is a book for businesspeople who are seeking to improve their company.

The process approach to business management proposes organizing by process rather than by skill function, as most companies do (and suffer the problems of 'functional silos'). The principle is simple: understand how things really work and the blockages and waste within these processes and you will be able to streamline your business, producing higher quality, lower cost and more timely products and services.

Spanyi clearly understands the subject very well and has a mature viewpoint in a domain where many have crashed and burned and incomplete understanding leads to easy failure. He takes an enterprise-level position as a starting point, aligning with business goals.

Many recent examples are used throughout of major companies that have used the approaches that Spanyi proposes and the benefits that they have gained.

This is a book for business leaders who are interested in the potential of process management and improvement rather than those who are already deep into Six Sigma and Lean methods. If you are wondering whether business process management is for you, then this could be just the ticket!


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