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The J.A. Sowell Family History


Book reviews > The J.A. Sowell Family History


Bryan E. Sowell (2009). The J.A. Sowell Family History


Here's a different review of a different book. It's a personal family history by Bryan Sowell of his ancestral lines.

Looking back down the years through your own family lines can give you a deep sense of identity and belonging, satisfying two very human needs. Bryan has done this and more -- by publishing the findings of his deep and long research it gives others a glimpse into history and lets us share the sense of connectedness with the past.

Going back seven generations, Bryan traces his roots to the seventeenth century and a certain Thomas Seawell in Virginia.

This delightful book includes many photographs and documents that draw the reader into the familial connection and lets us all reach back to the dawn of written and photograph records in America, giving a sense of the how the country itself developed.

Whilst not a book about changing minds, this slender tome shows that histories can be brought alive and, in reading it's straightforward and honest words, your mind might yet find itself changing.


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