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Awards and Accolades



Awards | Accolades


As we grow, we're getting noticed. Here are awards given to us so far (and kind emails from readers below that)...



Congratulations! ChangingMinds has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award.


WOW ! ... Your site is pretty amazing -- so much to learn and read about, and so well cataloged for Net viewers ! ... your site is also nicely-designed, has great site content, good navigation, and is family-friendly ... I thank you for offering such an educational and informative website, and as you may know, I look for websites offering educational opportunities to Net viewers.



I'm pleased to inform you that you have earned the Learning Fountain award. A Learning Fountain...represents a customer-oriented way of doing business.


We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and above-reproach content. This award is given to sites that recognize outstanding technical contributions to all avenues of communication. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Communications Award for the ChangingMinds site.


Our judges have all visited your site, and have found it interesting, informative and a pleasure to surf through. We are very pleased to award you our highest award - platinum.

Your site was very interesting, and I personally, still have so much more I want to read. Your layout, navigation and content were all of the highest quality and were a pleasure to read. We don't hand out our platinum award often - you are only the 3rd this year - so high accolades indeed. Very well done!

Congratulations! You have been nominated to receive an Award from Dating-Singles for your Website!

We enjoyed our visit to your site. Your navigation tree was seamless.


Congratulations from the Team of Evaluators at the Ultra Free Awards Program. We have visited your web site and three evaluators have reviewed it. Your web site qualifies for the Ultra Free Gold Award for Excellence and the Evaluators are presenting their Choice Awards. We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site. It is outstanding and creative, very well done.

We are very pleased to announce you that your website has been awarded "The High In The Sky Award".

Your site, for the nature of its content and for the quality of the design and implementation, presents an undeniable excellence that puts it well above the remaining ones, making it worthy of being publicly designated as an example to be followed and as a true knowledge and information source.

I'm pleased by announcing, that your site "Changing Minds" is a Merit-winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with so rich content about versatile aspects of how we change one another's minds! Navigation is relevant and exhaustive. Pages are very fast-loading and proper-sized with high consistency. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit

All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design.

The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently.

You'll find theories and explanations, principles, techniques, a links page, book reviews, and a carefully-selected bookshop. Interesting resource presented by (Blue Web'n is an online library of outstanding Internet sites).

Congratulations on your wonderful site:

You did a great job on this site. Well done!

I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award.

I am glad to inform you that your website has been awarded the Human Wisdom Award for Outstanding Sharing.


I enjoyed visiting your site. It is truly a plus for the Internet and consequently I would like to reward your efforts with the Gadzillion Award For Creative Thought on the Internet.

Your page has been chosen from several sites that we visit daily in our quest to honor webmasters, designers and site developers in their pursuit to populate the web with information. We are saying thank you and are proud to present you with our special web site award.

Congratulations on winning As A Top 50 Free Websites 2011: Skills and Performance Tools/Free Education

The list is the best of the best free resources for employees and managers who want to learn new skills so they can grow personally and professionally, as well as for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business offline or online by taking it to the next level.




And here are other nice things people have said.

(Note: names are abbreviated to respect the privacy of those involved). 

Just wanted to add some praise to the heaps you must be getting with this site, you've truly done an amazing job compiling all these techniques and principles in one place. Thank you so much! You rock!

-- Isaac S-K

I recently stumbled across your two sites and want to say thanks for all of the interesting ideas and information.

  -- Eric Z.

I have accessed your site for the first time today..I am compelled to tell you that this is one of the best sites I have had the fortune to visit..the content and style is fantastic!

  -- Anna W.

I'm a psychologist working with children and also have qualifications in counselling and hypnotherapy. I really like your site and have found it useful having browsed through a number of sections. I shall study it in more detail over time.

 -- David C.

Howdy from South Texas. I really like your site. It puts all the cool stuff (its all cool stuff) in order and I like that you put references on everything.

  -- Dan L., Texas

What a fantastic site you have! In my new book ... I would like to use an example from your site.

  -- Scott McK.

This is the first I've encountered and am quite impressed by the completeness of the site and it's take on persuasion and critical thinking.

  -- Steve M.

Your site looks good! Will have to play with it.

  -- Dan

I just visited your site and really like it.

  -- Martin R.

I have just visited your site and have found amazing material on questioning.

  -- Susan B. South Africa

Your site is truly one of the best of its kind. In fact, I can't even think of one I like better. It is clear you've put a lot of time and effort into it and I, for one, appreciate it! -- Blair W.

I find your site very useful, especially for academic researches.

  -- Ronnie A, Philippines

I don't know how long your site has been around, but I stumbled across it 2 days ago and I just wanted to let you know I think it's outstanding. I teach workshops around the country on leadership, customer service, and sales, and I think your information is excellent, well-researched, and quite useful.

   -- Dennis A.

I have read your web site expansively and enjoyed the content thoroughly. Your practical approach has made the psychologically emphasised material very presentable for the non- psychologist, and my interest in sales psychology has made this a reference site for me.

 -- Aryan S., Canada

Congratulations on a wonderful website and on making so much material readily available globally.

 -- Marion J.

Thanks very much for the tremendous work you've done at! There's so much good information here, and it's summarized and arranged so well.

 -- Ken J

I just found your site, and I’m recommending it to all my undergraduates (in fact, you’re on next month’s syllabus) for it provides a very needed shotgun sample of theories, approaches, lists, etc. for them to consider when researching their campaigns. Often, they don not know where to begin to look for communication theories that would assist them in their research to solve problems with public information campaign situations. -- Professor Karen J-C, USA

Congratulations for your interesting resources.

  -- LB, France

I just want to tell you that this is one of the best sites I have ever had the opportunity to discover. Full of explanations and thought-provoking exposition of the most varied and important subjects. Really congratulations for your work, which is helping me to learn a lot and improve my personal and professional life.

  -- Nelson V-T

I have e-mailed you to congratulate you on such a wonderful site. I am at present revising for a Social Psychology exam and your site has been invaluable for quick but comprehensive understanding on the terminology which seems to dominate the subject, (although very interesting).
I find that sometimes text books have a tendency to make things more difficult than necessary, but you have managed to put it in everyday English!!

 -- Debbie W, UK

Love the site. Its really exciting to have a stripped down fundamental look at the psychology of change. I would love to see the forum grow into a discussion hub on the techniques and theories described inside the site.

Thank you for providing these resources to the general public.

 -- Matthew, UK

I am a grad student doing research on Leadership, I really like your web site.

  -- Reggie B.

It’s wonderful. Thank you so much for taking all the time to do this. I am preparing for a presentation next week on Leadership – and you have exactly what I need – I think you will see more hits on your site after our presentation as I will be sharing my source.

-- Carol W., USA

I stumbled across your Changing Minds site today and got sidetracked for about 2 1/2 hours.........

An excellent resource and (you'll be pleased to know) it managed to shift my thinking too. I had a disappointing client meeting yesterday and your information on Groupthink (and other related topics) managed to bring some clarity to the situation.

Great work. Please keep it up.

  -- Mark E., UK

WOW WOW I think this site provides a lot to be aware of. I am busy now and would like to read it all BUT I really don’t like looking at the comp screen too long. I think me along with many others would love to see all this well written concise material but into a book with a nice index glossary and put together nice, and I’m sure after reading some free would like to have it as part of their collection and to read in book format and would be more than willing to pay for it. I think people would love to read a lot of it free but them also love to have a hard copy of it on book format with all the fundamental things on this site and can read and stay on the site for updates to read online.

-- Brad

Just a short note to let you know that I've really enjoyed your site. A comprehensive collection of knowledge which should be taught in every public school.

-- Paul D

 What I really liked about your site is you people have provisions made for guys like us who are not in a position to afford some products financially. This shows that you are real human beings at heart. In future I will definitely be useful to you in any form. I don't know how but I am sure I would definitely pay back for what I gained from you people.

Thanks for being how you are and good work being carried by you.

   -- Rafi, India

Hello, I stumbled upon your site when trying to do research on the seven virtues, but after I got the information I needed (After the typical hit and run internet research errand) I discovered what the site was really about, and I LOVE it and have been on it reading for a couple of hours now! This is really good stuff, the information is a real eye opener, I never knew there were so many different factors involved in persuasion and communication that could be explained so accurately!

 -- Zephos

I really think you have done a fabulous thing with your website, giving a lot of very useful information that can be used to understand a lot more about what you are busy with.

  -- Winfred

Years ago I managed for McDonald's. Part of their awesome training plan included a section they called "McPac" depicting the three ego states. In the years I managed people, this has been the single most useful tool to me. It also made the basis for my parenting techniques.

Recently, I tried to explain this whole concept to a friend 'in need'. I keyed the basic words into Google and found your site! I'm sure I will read for hours now on this fascinating subject. Thank you for your site and all the info it includes!

  -- Natalie, Canada

What an amazing resource your site is. Absolutely fantastic. I have begun a dreaded telemarketing job and perusing your materials before and whilst I work helps me focus and gives me hope. So again I say thank-you.

  -- Gregg, Canada

I visited this site and now am visiting every day. This is great treasure like rules of Life. These rules make life best experience. "So What?" section in Principle section is my favorite.

Thanks a lot for the efforts done by the creators of this Web Site.

  -- Viren S.

Firstly, let me say I love your website. I just stumbled across it recently, and I am "hooked". :0) It was just what I was looking for.

  -- Chantal

Thank you for your efforts to teach the world through your sites. All of them are the most useful sites I've ever experienced and it helped me a lot.
  -- Andy R.

I have just found your fantastic website and having just begun studying for a Headteacher's qualification I am finding the site very useful. I have particularly enjoyed reading Transformational Leadership and relate very much to this.

I will be passing your website address on to my colleagues on the Headteacher course.

  Best regards,

-- Harry R., UK

I really like this site it has helped me with a big English project I'm doing. Thank you for making your site.

  -- Sarah, USA

I am a Professor of Psychology and was just directed to your site through a social psychology listserv. You have an impressive collection of material on your site and I look forward to using much of it in my classes and research. Thanks for the great work.

  -- Bob L., USA

I just wanted to say thank you.
The information that you provide in your site is the most useful on the topic of sales and persuasion that I have come across. Wonderful work!!

 -- Stef M.

Great site! Well organized. Good information and an easy read. Quick loading time of pages for dial-up access.

-- Paul P., Texas

I’ve just come across your FABULOUS site. The information is presented so well. We have a group of consultants who deliver our programs for us and I will be referencing as a valuable resource for them.

Thank you for your generosity – may it return to you ten fold.

  -- Catriona, Australia

I think your website is fantastic! I appreciate the free information... especially the group dynamics like 'groupthink' Bystander Effect, Social Identity Theory, Social Norms etc

 -- David, Australia

Preparing for an interview I stumbled across your site after completing a Career Anchors questionnaire which I wanted to know more about. This is a fantastic site which provides a one stop shop with clear and useful information for anyone interested in management practices. I have been on the site for over an hour and missed Corrie!!!! [Ed: this is a UK TV soap]

Will be spreading the word - keep up the good work.

-- Palo, UK

I am writing to thank you for your efforts. I am a secondary school teacher, working on a postgraduate degree in administration. I have often gone to your site, for information on leadership styles and used your resource lists to mine additional information. you work ethic and your story are inspirational. Thank you for sharing your research and love of knowledge.

  -- Teresa, USA






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