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Dave's photos

I'm a keen photographer and you can buy my photos (just click on the miniature then click on 'BUY ME'):

My current main camera is a Canon D40, mostly used with 24-105 L lens and 10-22 wide-angle plus 100-400 L telephoto. I've a few other EOS lenses from a previous film camera. It makes for a heavy package, but part of the fun is the fiddling around with it all and pretending to know what you are doing.

I also use a smaller camera. I had an Nikon S1 which was easily pocketable and took quite passable photos. This was lost in September 2007 so I got a Samsung NV20 as a replacement. In 2009 it became a Lumix LX3 and in 2011 a Sony NEX-5 on which I mostly use a Tamron 18-200.



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