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Here you can buy books by David Straker that you cannot get elsewhere.

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Changing Minds: in Detail

by David Straker

(second edition)

300 pages (paperback)

'Deep detail on how to change what people think, believe, feel and do.'

19.95 + 5 shipping

How to Invent (Almost) Anything

by David Straker and Graham Rawlinson

328 pages (paperback)

'Critical thinking and practical methods for inventors and creators everywhere.'

£19.95 + £5 shipping (will be converted to your currency)

PAPERBACK SOLD OUT!! (but you can buy it for Kindle via Amazon)

Order in the USA (

Order in the UK (

All profits from Kindle sales for this book now go to help children in Nepal

The Quality Conspiracy

by David Straker

128 pages (hardback)

'A simple story that builds a critical model for managing the business.'

£10.95 + £4 shipping






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