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A Toolbook for Quality Improvement and Problem Solving (contents)

The Quality Toolbook

Background Chapters

1. Applications for Tools

2. Tools for Applications

3. Making Tools Work

4. Processes

5. Teamwork

6. Measurement

7. Variation

8. Tool Finder


Tool Chapters

Activity Network

Affinity Diagram

Bar Chart


Cause-Effect Diagram

Check Sheet

Control Chart

Decision Tree

Design of Experiments

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)


Flow Process Chart

Force-Field Diagram

Gantt Chart



Line Graph

Matrix Data Analysis Chart (MDAC)

Matrix Diagram

Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

Pareto Chart

Prioritization Matrix

Process Capability

Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)

Relations Diagram

Scatter Diagram

String Diagram



Tree Diagram

Value Analysis





Index (via the Encyclopedia)


This is the entire text from my 400+ page book 'A Toolbook for Quality Improvement and Problem Solving', now in around 700 hyperlinked web pages.

There is a standard layout in each chapter of:

  • When to use it

  • How to understand it

  • Examples

  • How to do it (step by step)

  • Practical variations

There are 33 chapters describing tools in detail here. With the 'Practical Variations' section, there are actually around 100 tools described in detail.

Some tools, by definition, have a mathematical content. It is assumed that you have an average mathematical capability, but are not a statistician. Where appropriate, calculations are shown with examples, plus 'circles and arrows' to show what goes where in formulae.


If you're not sure which tool to use when, The 'Finder' chapter will help point you in a useful direction.



I wrote the book in the mid-90s as a collection of all I could find about the general 'Quality Tools' used for TQM, process improvement, etc. It was published by Prentice Hall.


David Straker


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