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Changing Minds: in Detail

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Changing Minds: in Detail

by David Straker

(second edition)

Published by Syque Press (2010)


300 pages

£19.95 + £5 shipping (will be converted to your currency)



Changing Minds: in Detail is a lot more than the book of the highly popular website of the same name ( It contains deep detail on how to change what others think, feel, believe and do, including the Core Pattern for Changing Minds that underlies all other systems of persuasion.


Changing Minds: in Detail works from a deep understanding of how people think and decide.

The book details the full SIFT-3M model of how the mind works, covering many motivators as well as how we process information and formulate our decisions. At every stage, specific methods are described to utilize understanding in changing minds.

With an understanding of how individuals think, the interaction of people in relationships and groups is then described.

After a strong foundation, the heart of the book is covered in the Core Pattern for Changing Minds. After years of study, a new pattern of persuasion has been discovered that underlies all other methods persuasion, from negotiation to sales to business change management.

Overall, the book offers both real detail and a very readable format, with many diagrams and tables. Each page is written as an individual bite-sized chunk, making it a very browsable book, yet the whole knits together in a highly cohesive and structured approach to changing minds.


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