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C Style: Standards and Guidelines (contents)


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Like many authors beforehand, I have discovered that writing a book is a non-trivial activity, and to achieve any measure of success requires the direct and indirect help of many other people. It is good to have the opportunity to say "Thank you" to:

Friends and C gurus, who freely gave of their time to review the many drafts and make valuable suggestions: Peter Kitson, Mik Butler, Paul Dow and Bob Desinger.

Many friends in Hewlett Packard across the world with whom I have discussed, consulted and worked on coding standards.

All contributors to USENET comp.lang.c notestrings, whose discussions over the past few years have helped clarify many points. Special thanks to: Henry Spencer, Steve Summit, Karl Heuer, Chris Torek, Peter Da Silva, Doug Gwyn, Mark Terribile, Richard O'Keefe, Steve Clamage.

Henry Ledgard for planting the seed.

Helen Martin at Prentice Hall for having confidence and for all the other things a publisher does to help.

My family for patience, support and cups of tea: Eleri, my wife, Heledd, my daughter, Geraint, my son, and Gwen and Bella, a pair of hairy canines.

And to you, the C programmer, for your shaping of the many styles within the language.


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