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Abergavenny photos

We moved to Abergavenny late 2012. Here's photos.

Early 2014

Castle Meadows Houses

Monochrome Castle Meadows and sky

Castle Meadows panorama


Summer 2013


Great sunset

Black Mountains from Blorenge

Rainbow over Oak



Swallows, a halo moon and fruity orchard.

Halo moon

Three swallows

More swallows

Even more swallows

Butterfly on thyme

Eleri and apples

We've plums too!

Us and dogs in orchard


A walk around the top of the Blorenge

Dogs in the car

Heather and view

Gilwern and Sugar Loaf

The valley up towards Brecon

Panorama from Blorenge

Down the punchbowl (wide angle)

Down the punchbowl

September sunset


A walk up the Skirrid

Mossy tree

Abergavenny and the Blorenge


Mottled sky

Monochrome angle

Panorama Blorenge to Sugar Loaf with Abergavenny



A beautiful sunrise

Sunburst through the oak

Seat, oak and sunrise



Gilwern wander up over canal to little church and back with photo club

Gilwern church

Old grave, Gilwern

Gravestones, Gilwern

Yew up, Gilwern church

Mountain circle

Sunset over Gilwern field

Sunset over canal, Gilwern


Spring 2013

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle


Red Kite centre with photo club

Feeding kites

Kites in the air

Many kites


Winter 2012-13


Our oak

Llanddewi Skirrid

Beca in the snow

Ceri in the snow

Ceri in the snow

Gath'ring winter fuel

Road outside house

Across the field in the snow

Snowing hard

I've got the cat. Har har.

Down the side of the house

Big giant head

Across orchard in snow

From the Skirrid down to Llanddewi in the snow

Skirrid ridge in the snow

Skirrid woods in the snow

Evening oak

Blorenge icing

Skirrid diagonal

Black Mountains snow

Skirrid and Blorenge snow

Skrrid icing

Sugar Loaf icing

Sugar Loaf icing




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