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Norway and Arctic photos

Here's photos from our Arctic cruise up the Norwegian coast, in July-August 2008. See also the holiday blog.

Slideshows: all photos, just favourites and panoramas.


Here's edited highlights for those in a hurry. Also see them in a slideshow.


Our ship, the Century

Sunset and ship

Silent wind farm

Sunset sun

Alesund from Aksla

Alesund glassblowers

Waterside houses

Birds in flight

Alesund waterway


Wood at Sunnmore


Statue detail in Alta

Solar eclipse

Rock painting of alien attack

Boat and bay

Plane over ship

North Cape

Honningsvag houses

Tromso houses

Polaria building

Polaria seal

Tromso bus-stop ladies

Naughty graffiti

Tromso cathedral

Dockside buildings

Boat mess

Tromso from hill

Arctic cathedral

Arctic cathedral window

Arctic midnight

Small boats, big scenery

Glacier's end

Mine's bigger than yours

Small person, big sky

On walk down Mt. Vaden

Molde rose

Evening skies at sea

Stone, lake, mountains

Slow glacier, rushing stream

Briksdalen glacier

Rainbow at falls

Rainbow on lake

Bergen centre


Vagrant outside bank

Grandmother, granddaughter

Bergen harbour panorama

Bryggen profile

Another great finish


Monday 28 July 2008

All photos from here also in a slideshow.


Leaving Amsterdam

Watching sunset

Sunset and ship

Silent wind farm

Sunset sun



Tuesday - At sea

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