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Dave and Eleri's dogs

Here are just a few photos of our dogs.


Spring 2012

Eleri, dogs, trees, light: painting

Eleri and dogs

Dogs and trees

Ceri dozing

Winter 2010

Snowy walk

Ceri running

Beca running



Summer 2010

Catching food in the forest pool

Beca in the forest pool



Winter 2009-2010

Eleri and the dogs

Noses in the snow

Fighting dogs

The Joker and pal

Tall scene

Tree scene

Fast dogs



Summer 2009

Dogs and Eleri

Dogs in Virginia Water

With cousin Minty

Ceri munching stick

Ceri running

Ceri and Beca running

Ceri and Beca playing

Dogs in the trough


Winter and Spring 2009

Ceri on ice

Beca on ice



Running on the misty heath

Begging for food

Ceri on the heath



Spring into Summer 2008

Snow in April!

Snow and pool

Snow and pool


Eleri and Beca

Running on Exmoor

Which is where

Joyful, fighting dogs

Black and red muddy

The long and winding road

Participating in the picnic



Early 2008, more walks


Dogs in forest light

Not our dog, but look at the size of the stick!

Beca flat out


Beca (above) and Ceri

Chasing fun

Ceri and muddy puddle

Ceri shaking the mud

Ceri running splash

Enjoying the run

Beca splash...


Oh dear...



Nov/Dec-07, going for a walk in the forest


Fun in a puddle

Wet Ceri posing

Ceri lying down in puddle

Ceri shaking

Beca with muddy undercarriage

Ceri in a spin

Beca asleep after walk

A ghost in the bracken

Water play

Frosty morning run

Ceri braves the ice

Eleri, Beca and an icy pool




22-Sep-07 at home:

22 Sep Beca

22 Sep Beca and Ceri on a shredded lawn

22 Sep Ceri and Beca

17 Oct Ceri and Beca


September 07: We lost Tika and gained Beca (proounced 'Beka' - short for Rebecca, spelt the Welsh way). So now it's Ceri and Beca.


Beca on her first day

Best friends with Ceri

Tug of war

Playing hard


August 07: We lost Poppy and gained Ceri (pronounced 'Kerry'), born in July 2006. So now it's Tika and Ceri.

Ceri on her first day (30 Aug 06)

Ceri on her first day

Ceri on her first day

Ceri with Tika on her first day

24 Sep 06, Ceri and Tika playing

Ceri, early Nov 06


Feb 07, Ceri and Tika

Feb 07, Ceri shaking

Feb 07 - Ceri watches 'White Fang'

Feb 07 - Ceri asleep

Apr 07, Tika and Ceri having a run




And here's Poppy, the mad enthusiast who Ceri replaced.


2006: A mad, damp Poppy

March 2001, early Poppy




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