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Florence Photos

We went to Florence in February half-term 2008. Here's a slideshow.


These are my favourite few photos if you just want a quick peek, and here's a slideshow of them.


Florence: a classic view

Duomo campanile tower

Duomo light and shade

Cupola art: heaven and hell

David, haloed

Duomo from hotel

An arrest in progress

Uffizi at night


Reflected bridges

Lucca street and Guinigi tower




There's quite a few churches in Florence. Here's just a few photos around them.


Duomo, campanile and baptistry

Just the campanile tower

Cupola art: heaven and hell

Cupola detail

Duomo facade

Just an interesting gap

Side wall of Duomo

Duomo from hotel

Famous Duomo baptistry gold doors

Baptistry door detail


San Lorenzo

Santa Croce

Santa Maria Novella





Police were everywhere, which is probably not a bad thing.


The metropolitan police

Backstreet Police station

Young lad gets some attention

An arrest in progress


On the hill

Here are some pictures from Piazza Michelangelo, up on the hill.


View and map

View down to bridges

Duomo and around

Eleri and the view

Japanese girls, complete with mask

Wide panorama

Medium panorama

Shorter panorama

David, haloed

David shadow

David silhouette



River and bridges

Our hotel was near the Ponti Veccio, on the wide Arno.


Jewellery shops on Ponte Vecchio


Bridges from hill

Vecchio evening

Uffizi across Arno at night

Reflected bridges

Ponte Vecchio construction




Here's assorted statues.


David, haloed

David shadow

David silhouette

Fake David in square

Neptune fountain

Rape of the Sabine

Slayer's face

Tongue water

Strange fountain statue in Bargello

Fat David in shop window

Gambologna's Mercury

Michelangelo's Bacchus

Statues in square



Around Florence

Here's other bits and pieces from around Florence.


Bargello courtyard

Strange fountain statue

Most taxis are plain white

San Lorenzo food market

Bikes everywhere!

Nice place for coffee (between Duomo and Reppublica)

Lorenzo market

Mercato Nuovo lucky pig

Palazzo Strozzi sky light

Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica arcade

Porto San Niccolo

Science museum

Small car!

Statue square

Witty t-shirt

Nice place for coffee

tuc-tuc van

Uffizi at night




We spent an afternoon in Lucca. What a nice place.


Anfiteatro Romano

Locals chilling out

Shopping area

Guinigi tower and typical street

City walls

Wall walk

Wall walk and San Frediano

San Martino

San Frediano frieze

San Michele. And detail.

Sunburst Maddona on San Michele


Angel on San Michele. And detail.



And here are the last few odd pictures...


Hotel room and us, in mirror

Tuscan countryside

A no-name train station

Tuscan sunset




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