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A Frampton Break

Half-term, February 2007 and Eleri and I sped off for a couple of nights at the wonderful Frampton House in Frampton, Dorset, where the beautiful Grade 2 listed building is wonderfully set off by the Maynard's friendly welcome and Georgina's superb cooking. Very highly recommended!!

Here's some pictures:

On the way there, we stopped in Lyndhurst in the New Forest (not a lot there) and Dorchester (ok with good museums for kids).

We went all over the place, including the delightful Bridport, where we both bought hats from a lovely and truly original hatter and outfitter 'T. Snook'.

Lyme Regis is a lovely little town nestled in a small valley and I bet it's horrendous for traffic in the Summer. 

Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury is wonderfully strange, with 10 miles of shingle stones. There was a lovely light there and here are some photos:

Weymouth town centre was pretty chavvy, but the walk down to the end of the harbour (other side of the water) was lovely.

Lulworth Cove is a fascinating feature. Tiny village but lovely walks over the cliffs. Again probably traffic chaos in high season.

On the way home, we visited Sherborne (quaint, nice abbey and castles), Shaftsbury (famed for the site of Hovis bread adverts -- not in Yorkshire, I'm afraid) and Salisbury (lots of nice shopping).

In Salisbury a folk band, the Huckleberries were playing in the street, including the estimable character Paul Sax - on violin, of course. I took photos bought a CD.

Overall, a delightful break with visits to ten towns and villages packed into less than three days.

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