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Ireland best photos

Here are a shorter list of the best photos I took in Ireland in July/August 2007. I'm an amateur and perhaps 'ones I liked best' is a more accurate description.

See also: Best photos on one page (medium resolution), Holiday blog, Panoramas.


Melleray monastery

Ardmore tower

Ardmore gallery with odd poster

Dungarvan harbour

Lismore falls

Rain and movement in Cashel

Mahon tree

Mahon falls - corrie

Mahon falls - close up

Waterford coast


Dungarvan Square

Ring of Kerry - Lady's View

Ring of Kerry - Blur, water, mountain, sky

Busking in Killarney

Tahilla evening


Inchiquin stones, lake, waterfall

Near end of Beara peninsula

Mad cyclist in Healy Pass

Healy Pass summit

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Tree and rock meld at Blarney

Cork - break dancing


Cobh houses

Bunratty cockerel

Bunratty deer

Kilmallock sunset

Galway street and characters

Arch and view towards Clifden

Rainbow over Clifden bay

Clifden sunset

Kylemore Abbey

Killary Harbour

Aasleagh Falls

Old Head and Croagh Patrick

Clifden light over islands

Clifden sitting on wall, watching day's end

Dark Celtic crosses on the Rock of Cashel

Swan under trees at Johnstown Castle

Wind farm near Lady's Island

Fort and boat at Pembroke


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