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I work in London, England and walk each day between Waterloo and Piccadilly, past sights such as the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. I always carry a small camera with me (currently a Lumix LX3) and snap what seems interesting or when there's good light.

Slideshows: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, all


Spring 2012

A sunny day in London, in early April. Here's the slideshow.


Chocolate festival!

Silver strawberry

Young busker


Park traffic

Feed the birds

Feed me?

Tree grunge

Ducks in a row

Blossom 1

Blossom 2

Young guard

Humpty's above

Four mates

It's electric

In Tiffany's

Allez oops

Bridge sunset BnW


Winter 2010

River view

Pointing at St. Pauls

Covent Garden Wizard

Pandas in S. Molton St.

Oxford St. lights

Regent St. lights

Slingsby Place lights

Covent Garden reindeer

Covent Garden lights

Eleri Xmas shopping in Covent Garden


Summer 2010

Pteredactyls on South Bank

Pteredactyls on South Bank


Spring 2010

Blue Westminster morning

Flags in the Mall

Gas lamp man in St. James Park

Flowers in St. James

Tree and Lake, St. James

Passing the elephants, Green Park

Elephants on parade, Green Park

Ship in a bottle, Trafalgar Square

Ship in a bottle, Trafalgar Square


Autumn 2009

Paper tower

Paper tower and sky

Chess in Trafalgar Square

Chess in Trafalgar Square

Rocking the plinth

Barge and sky

Trafalgar day


Summer 2009

Spot the trees

Now spot the trees

Illuminated fountain in Trafalgar Square

Rain on bridge

Clouds over the City

Clouds over the City

Sleeping birds, St. James' Park

St. Paul's alight

Spring 2009

Filming the T-mobile advert in Trafalgar Square (mass karaoke!).

The crowds assemble

A circle of friends

The compere writ large

Countdown to fame

Na na na na!!

It's Pink!!

Thanks and good bye

We're going to be on tele!


Other stuff

Spiderman and the soldier

Penny protest (at G20 talks)

Demo at Parliament

Pipeline to Whitehall

Guarding the gun, Hyde Park Corner

Gold at the palace

Sunlight rider, Hyde Park Corner

More Mall Daffs

Fairweather Parliament

Daffs along the Mall

Wheel over Whitehall

Colour in St. James Park

Street entertainment

 The Victim

Extreme across empty lake

Theo's red-nosed Maybach


Winter 2009

Wheel section

Wheel section 2

Westminster evening

Westminster commuters

Squirrel, superstar

Safe on the streets

Marching home

Adelphi and Strand bldg

London sunrise

Frozen Trafalgar fountains

People on Jubilee Bridge

Evening view from Jubilee Bridge

St. James Lake - empty

St. James Lake - empty

Pictures on the gallery

Pictures on the gallery - detail


Autumn/Winter 2008

Rainy day reflections

Trafalgar rain

Shadow art in Trafalgar Square

Red sky in the morning

Charing Cross morning

Carol singers in Trafalgar Square

Carols and Trafalgar tree


Summer 2008

Dancing on Waterloo station

Sand art on the South Bank

Passing strangers



Spring 2008

Daffodils in Green Park

The QCA, where I work

Evening from Waterloo bridge

Evening from Waterloo bridge

Waterloo Bridge, St. Paul's and the city

Parliament in blue

South Bank Lion
South Bank Lion
Nelson in the rain

Evening view towards the city

Eccentric at the Diana inquest

Clouds and light over city

Evening towards city



Early 2008

Jubilee bridge

Interior of Tiffany's - Victorian Tudor

Millennium Wheel in red

Parliament morning

Tree in St James morning mist

Another tree in St James morning mist

Adelphi and 80, The Strand in morning light

Jubilee bridge and Charing Cross morning


December 2007

Dark nights and some bright days. Christmas lights and cheer.


Victoria and Albert Museum in the morning

Harrods Christmas lights


Buckingham Palace from St. James Park bridge


The Millennium Wheel

Sunrise over Westminster

Panorama sunrise

Carnaby St. lights

Kingly Court lights


Trafalgar Square, tree and choir

Cement mixer lights

Dancing gingerbread men

South Molton Street lights

Store lights

Top of the Coliseum

Shopping in Covent Garden

War of the Worlds concert


November 2007

Nights are drawing in -- I'm walking home at 4:30 and it's dusk.


Buckingham Palace sunset from St. James Park bridge

Dusk over Parliament

Dusk over Parliament

Covent Garden Christmas lights

September 2007

A couple of nice days, with low morning and evening sun. I'd also just bought the Samsung NV20 so was feeling enthusiastic.


Big Ben in early morning light, from South Bank

Big Ben early morning, from South Bank

Houses of Parliament, early morning, from Westminster Bridge

Houses of Parliament from Parliament Square

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace from St James Park Bridge

Reclining in Green Park

Avenue in Green Park

Millennium Wheel and County Hall

Millennium Wheel and Shell Building

Millennium Wheel and boats

Millennium Wheel and Parliament

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Exhibit in Trafalgar Square

Nelson in Trafalgar Square

Shell Building

Statues on South Bank

Waterloo Bridge, St. Pauls's and City

Piccadilly Circus

Amusing taxi ad at Charing Cross

Big Ben again




On the west Jubilee Bridge

Millennium Wheel at night

Christmas decorations by Royal Festival Hall

Wesminster Abbey

St Martin in the Fields from National Gallery, at night

Trafalgar Square at night

National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square at night

Hazardous fun!

Trafalgar Square, grassed (promoting London parks)

Trafalgar Square, grassed




Millennium Wheel

Jubilee Bridges

Big Ben

Covent Garden classy buskers

Westminster Abbey

Westminster from St. James Park bridge

Westminster from St. James Park bridge

Admiralty Arch

Building in Regent Street

Piccadilly Circus sunset

Christmas lights in Oxford Street

Christmas lights in Carnaby Street


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