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Maldives Photos

Here are the photos I took in the Maldives and in Summer Island Village resort there in May/June 2007.

See also: slideshow, favourites slideshow, Larger set all on one page, Maldives holiday blog


Around the island

Arriving on the island

Coconut trees

Dave and Eleri on the beach

Fallen coconut (hazard when falling!)

A nice flower

Another nice flower

The long walk down the middle of the island

Dirk's Watersports

The main buildings

Entrance and welcome

Mr Waheed, esteemed Assistant Manager (and great photographer!)

Bar (here be carom)

Inside and outside (no doors!)

Sand on floor (lovely!)

The Tea Room (ah, afternoon cuppa...)


Our bungalow

Our Bungalow

Our Bung from the lagoon

View from the Bung (pinch me, please)



The island from the air and sea

Island from air (when parasailing)

Another pic of island from air

The east beach from the lagoon

Island from the (lots of) sea

Island and (lots of) sky



Sunset, light and the Spa

Sunset and clouds

Last gasp of the sun

Heron watches sunset

A reversal - early sunset light on bushes

Eleri in later sunset light




Fruit bat

Hermit crab

Little lizard

Bird of some kind

Green parrots




Fish and coral

Fish, coral and sunlight


Fish racing for food

Fish fighting over food

Eleri feeding fish

Coral under water

At sea

Light on the ocean

Wake from boat

Rainbow at sea

Speedboat from the air

Traditional boat

Rusting hulks off Male

Ships waiting off Male

Seaplane air taxi

Me parasailing

Someone else parasailing


In Male (capital of Maldives)

Male Island

Banyan tree

Banana tree


Fruit market

Motorbikes outside Presidential palace

Old Presidential Palace

Men dragging yellow-fin tuna through streets

Fish market

Old hand-carved coral on tomb


Maldives and the world

Coral rings from the air

Maldives island from air

Mountains and worldscape

Eleri at Gatwick

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