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Mediterranean Cruise 2010 photos

Here's photos from our Western Mediterranean cruise in August 2010. See also the holiday blog.

Slideshows: all photos, just favourites.


Here's edited highlights for those in a hurry. Also see them in a slideshow.


Deck football

Erice boy and backstreet

Trapani beach

Trapani backstreet

Naples dock morning


Vesuvius and clouds

Pompeii forum arch

Pompeii forum columns

Corsica coast

Gallery eye

Gallery receding doorways


Bridge and sunset

Rooftop view, Cannes


Gaudi cathedral

Gaudi house row grunge

Photographing Gaudi

Cloister corner

Above cloister

High courtyard

Backstreet wall bits

Cathedral through window

Rose light and cathedral height

Eleri in the rose light

Palma backstreet

Busker, light and shade

Wavy building


Saturday 21 August 2010 - Leaving Palma, Majorca, Spain

All photos from here on also in a slideshow.


Here's the ship

Port and castle

Castle on hill

Cathedral from sea

Palma panorama

Up to castle at night

Deck football

Poolsite entertainment


Sunday - At sea

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