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Northern Europe Cruise 2012 photos

Here's photos from our Northern Europe cruise in July/August 2012.

Slideshows: all photos, just favourites.


Here's edited highlights for those in a hurry. Also see them in a slideshow.


Cabin and porthole

Bike park

Pink bike

Mutley gets ahead

Girl and bike

Eleri reverse shot

Mural and tables

Keen taxi


Three boys, three swans


Rathaus from Alsterarkaden


Hamburg beach

Wind generators and clouds


The Kastellet

St Alban's church

Low-key mermaid

Gefion fountain sculpture

Bike and door

Red-blue train blur

Observatory slope


At harbour entrance

Ship and generators

Boats in the light

House in the fijord

Smoking's best

More action...

Busker's reward

Huffing and puffing

Docks panorama

Sunset and wind generators

Wall and light

Wooden colours

Portrait in street

Thin building

Inside the cathedral

Patient doggie

Jeanne D'Arc church

Train hiding

Le Havre panorama

Leaving Le Havre

White cliffs panorama

White cliffs lighthouse

Birds following tractor

Flower and insect

Tower and lawn

Bee on flower



Thursday 26 July 2012 - Leaving Dover


Dover Castle from town

Fountain in Dover

Dover Castle from sea

Dover from sea

Cabin and porthole


Eleri in yurt



Friday 27 July 2012 - Amsterdam

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