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Paris 07

Here's pix of me and 'the boys' going for lunch in Paris, December 2007. We commute together each day, so thought it would be fun to spend even longer on trains.


The cast




Hairball (me)


El Tel


DD (the Dutch Dustbin)




The journey there


On the train to London

Cookie and Cindy

St. Pancras sunrise

Munchies on Eurostar


Parisian sights


Eglise St. Vincent de Paul (on Rue La Fayette)

A slide of the Opéra

Colonne Vendôme

Les Halles


Les Halles


Les Halles


Eglise de St. Eustage, Les Halles

Les Halles et L'eglise

Lovers in Les Halles


Drinking and eating in Paris


Hurrying to the bar

Drinking on the street

Cookie playing invisible piano

Robyn and the bar

Eating lunch

Still eating

Scary lady art (in bar)

The boys in the Garde Robe



The journey home


Going home, romancing Tia and boyfriend

Duet in a London taxi


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