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Skomer Island 2013 photos

Here's photos from an ACC photo trip to Skomer Island, near Haverfordwest, May 2013, with ace photo coach Andy Davies. Stayed at the wonderful Barley Villa B&B and ate at the quirky Lobster Pot (splendid food, Cleeseily grumpy host).

Here's a slideshow.


Leaving Martin's Haven

Seagull follower

Landing lecture

Happy Jo


Skomer farmhouse

Julie at work

Burrows and rocks

Clifftop puffin


Puffin head

Puffin detail

Puffin taking off

Puffin in flight

Puffin nagging

Puffin in burrow

Hunting the puffin

Puffin point

Gulls nesting on the cliff

Coastal walk


Bluebell hill

Monochrome bird

Waiting for the boat home


Skomer Island






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