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Suffolk Photos

See also: A Suffolk break


Here are the photos I took in Suffolk on a half-term break in October 2007.

With a slideshow of all, and a slideshow of favourite.


Gainsborough statue in Sudbury

Old houses in Lavenham

Wonky house in Lavenham

Black and white in Lavenham

Framlingham Castle

Seagull in Aldeburgh

Wheeling birds in Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh shingle

Leiston Abbey

Southwold beach huts


Marmite drink in Southwold

Southwold pier

Southwold pier slot machine 1

Southwold pier slot machine 2

Southwold pier slot machine 3

Southwold pier slot machine 4

Southwold pier Quantum Tunnelling Telescope

Sign 1 on telescope

Sign 2 on telescope


Abbey house (our B+B)


Eye castle

Eye church from castle

Bury St. Edmunds Abbey ruins

Eleri in Bury

Melford Hall

Elizabeth I window at Melford


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