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3Es of processes

When asked for how to measure or determine the success of a process, most people will identify 'effectiveness' and 'efficiency'. This is all well and good, but there is something missing.

'Effectiveness' is broadly about meeting needs of customers.

'Efficiency' is broadly about saving money and time, which is mostly about meeting needs of shareholders (although customers can also benefit from this).

Thinking in terms of the stakeholders being served, this leaves out the third group: employees. And what do employees want from a process? Enjoyability. This is no soft and discountable thing. Unhappy employees lead to unhappy customers lead to failing financial results.

These three link together and no single one can take total precedence. If we make processes totally enjoyable, we may not be profitable. If we make them totally efficient, they may not meet the needs of customers. And so on.

So, when designing processes and systems of management around them, think about how enjoyable they will be to work in!

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