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Focus Group

A Focus Group is, in its most generic format, a group of people convened to discuss a given topic. It is usually done with 'naive' people whose 'raw' options are sought.

It is a common technique in Market Research, where groups of consumers are gathered in comfortable surroundings, where they may be asked to discuss product factors, given a trial product to examine, and so on. This is often done in high-surveillance rooms, with one-way mirrors and video cameras so every nuance may be viewed, captured and considered in detail.

The organization of the group may range from an unstructured free-for-all to a highly structured interview.

Using two interviewers is a common technique, where one person asks the questions and the other pays attention to what is going on in the whole room, such as the body language of other participants.

See also:

Surveys, Voice of the Customer

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