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Issue Statement

An Issue Statement describes the purpose of an improvement project in terms that supports clear measurement and provides a focus for the improvement work, e.g.

  • Decrease the shelf time of part-completed assemblies
  • Increase customer satisfaction across all PL45 projects
  • Reduce customer complaints about delays in shipments
  • Increase on-time arrival of trains at all stations

The statement has three parts.

  1. Change: this indicates which direction the measurement should go, up or down.
  2. Variable: something that is to be changed, and is an indicator of quality.
  3. Object: Description of something to which the variable applies, typically a process or item.

Note that there is no target included. If necessary, this may be added as a separate statement, although sometimes giving the objective of changing something can result in a far better improvement being made than was expected. Targets can thus, paradoxically, be limiting as the people working in the project reach the target and stop thinking about improvements.

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