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Less Effort More Results (LEMR)

The Less-Effort-More-Results process is a quick, structured program which fits under the Total Quality Management umbrella and can be used where the simplification and/or elimination of unnecessary work is the desired outcome. By bringing together a group which represent the various facets of the process under scrutiny, the sponsor ensures that realistic and valuable recommendations for change will be offered. The teamís work is completed and action is agreed upon in a two-day session. The sponsorís response to offered recommendations can take only three forms: yes, no, or a request for more data.

Specific roles and responsibilities rest with the sponsor, the team and the facilitator. Each sponsor develops the problem statement, selects team members and works with the facilitator to plan the session. The sponsor kicks off the session and then returns near the end of the second day to review and respond to the teamís recommendations. At the conclusion of the session, the sponsor (along with the team members) takes responsibility for the content decisions, follow-up, and communication of progress.

Team members complete pre-work, including data from others they may represent at the session. During the session there are opportunities to develop team skills, brainstorm and formulate creative ideas for improvement. The session culminates in the teamís presentation of its recommendations to the sponsor.

The facilitatorís role is to support the team and manage the process in a way that enables the team to meet its objectives. The facilitator works with the sponsor in preparing the problem statement, communication and logistics. During the session the facilitator provides teambuilding activities, just-in-time training on quality tools and techniques, facilitates the process and energizes the team.

Using creative approaches and harvesting low-hanging fruit (easy improvements) are central concepts to the basic workshop. This environment provides an energizing atmosphere where everyone participates in solving the problem statement.

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