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Project Progress Rate (PPR)

One of the most difficult things in Project Management is managing the schedule, and planning, estimating and tracking will take up a large part of the Project Manager's life. Within the task of tracking the schedule, the question 'How are we doing?' often arises, which can be difficult to answer when the people on the project have changed, various tasks have changed, some work is ahead of schedule, some is behind, and so on.

Project Progress Rate measures the 'number of months of progress per month' (or week or day, depending on how fast the project schedule review clock is ticking). Thus, if you do a month's work, but also add a month's work, then you have effectively made no progress. 

The resultant number gives a very clear picture. If the PPR is one (=100%), then you are 'on track'. If it is more than one, you are getting ahead. If it is less than one, you are slipping. And if it is less than zero, you are making less than no progress.

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