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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is mostly used in business planning as method of collecting and analyzing factors that may be considered for inclusion in the business plans.

  • Strengths are internal to the organization and include its competencies and capabilities. i.e.. it is 'what we're good at'.

  • Weaknesses are also internal and are the opposite of Strengths. i.e. what we are not good at. Weaknesses are only important and worth considering if they are preventing or hindering the organization from meeting its goals.

  • Opportunities are external to the organization and represent things that could be taken up. Opportunities are sometimes mixed up with strategies (which are approaches you are taking, often to address SWOT factors).

  • Threats are also external and are those things that are likely to hinder or prevent the organization from meeting its goals. Being external, they are less easy to address than weaknesses.

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