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Around the World

Siva, the wise father of Ganesh, once called to his two sons and suggested a small contest.

“I will give this sweet to whoever goes around the world the fastest,” he said, holding out a large, delicious milk sweet. Murugan, Ganesh’s brother, glowed with pride knowing the prize would soon be his. For he could fly swiftly in his chariot, circle the earth, and be back in only hours, while his big, clumsy brother Ganesh would take so much longer to do the same.

Bidding farewell to his parents, Murugan set off happily. Ganesh thought for a moment, then smiled and began to move. His large elephant head with its heavy trunk did slow him down, but he did not have far to go. For he simply walked carefully around both of his parents. In a few minutes he had circled them and stood respectfully in front of his father once again.

“Father, please give me the prize,” he said.

“Why? You did not go around the world, you stayed right here,” replied Siva.

“But father,” argued Ganesh, “I have just gone around the world. You see, my parents are indeed the whole world to me.” His parents smiled, well pleased.

Much later, a tired Murugan returned home. However, the prize was already eaten up. And now you know who won it and why.


~Source unknown~

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