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Dragon Slayer

A Chinese warrior devoted a half of his life to learning how to fight dragons, learning many techniques of deception and daring that would allow him past the sharp claws of these fearsome beasts.

Once day, his master declared that he had become sufficiently sophisticated in this art and sent him out into the world to slay dragons. He wandered for many years all across the country, looking for a dragon to slay. But no matter where he looked, he could not find a single one. He heard many stories, but they were all about dragons in distant provinces, and when he reached those places the stories sent him ever on to more remote lands. Decades passed, but he did not meet a single dragon.

And so, as he grew older, he became more and more discouraged, realizing that he wasted his life for nothing. But then he remembered all his training, his knowledge, his expertise in everything about dragons, and how he had perfected his brilliant dragon-fighting skills.

And so he began to teach young men to fight dragons.




~Source unknown~


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