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Heaven and Hell

A proud samurai went to a Zen master and asked him what Heaven and Hell were. The master replied with disdain, "You are no more than a worthless cockroach. I will not waste my time with such as person."

The samurai was so enraged he drew his sword from its scabbard and raced towards the master, roaring, "I will
kill you for such disrespect!" The Zen master looked sharply up at the samurai and pointed directly at him, stopping him in his tracks as he said "That is Hell."

Shocked at the sudden knowledge of a raging hell, the samurai stopped, shaking with the punctured rage. The Zen master sat quietly as he slowly calmed, put away his sword and regained his noble composure. He bowed to the master and thanked him for the enlightenment and his newfound awareness.

"And that," said the master, "is Heaven."


~Zen story~

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