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Seven Bananas

The zookeeper went to the monkeys and told them that they would be receiving three bananas in the morning and four in the afternoon. The monkeys were outraged at this and complained bitterly to the zoo owner that this was not enough.

The zoo owner told the zookeeper that all they could afford was seven bananas a day, and that it was the zookeeper's job to sort it out.

The zookeeper thought hard about this and went back to the monkeys and said that after a tough discussion with the zoo owner during which he had argued vigorously for the monkeys' interests, he could make them a better offer. The monkeys listened, anxiously, as the zookeeper promised that he would now be able to give them four bananas in the morning and three in the afternoon.

The monkeys were jubilant at their victory and accepted the zookeeper's offer at once.




~Source unknown~



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