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Chapter 1: Lost Boys

There was once a sad boy. He was different and didn't fit in, which made him very unhappy. In fact he was so sad he was lost. Lost in the world. Lost inside himself. Lost in a dark and unreal place that was his only reality.

After many years of sadness, he got angry, which felt better than being sad. He got angry with his peers and pushed them away. He got angry with his teachers and left school. And most of all he got angry with his stupid parents because they should know and were responsible for it all. He punished them by breaking things, taking things and being as unkind as he could. This sometimes made them angry too, which was good because they should hurt at least as much as he did. Yet they still said they loved him which couldn't be true because why else did he feel so bad all the time?

He found other lost and angry boys, which made him feel much better. Like him, they had horrible parents, but together they felt stronger and could make their own safe and loving place. And so he left the home that hurt him and went to live with his true friends. His parents had told him to be a 'responsible adult', get a job and things like that. Now he could do what he liked. Now they would have to suffer. Sometimes they called and sometimes he answered, but they weren't welcome and he made them know it.

With a new name and a new family, he was no longer lost. Deep inside, though, he knew his story was only just beginning.


Chapter 2: ...




~by David Straker~



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