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Questions, Questions


Daddy, why does it rain?

The water in the sea gets sucked up into the air, Then one day they fall as rain!

Wow! So are clouds just made up of bits of water?

That’s right, dear. Just like steam from a saucepan.

So why isn’t rain hot?


Granny, why does it rain?

You know, my dear, I do believe that it is the angels crying at all the wrong that is being done.

So when it sunshines, is that when people are good?

That’s right, dear. There are many bad things done and there are many good things done.

I like the sunshine.

Daddy, why do I have to go to bed now?

Because it is time for your bed, little lassie.

Why is it time for my bed?

Because you need your rest. I can see that you are already tired.

I’m not tired.

I am.


Granny, why do I have to go to bed now?

So as you sleep and dream the fairies can sprinkle stardust over you.

Why do they do that?

So you will awake tomorrow full of joy and happiness. Do you want that?

Yes. Good night.

Daddy, where do babies come from?

Ah… Um… Oh God.


Granny, where do babies come from?

From God, my little one.


Daddy, why don’t you cry when you’re sad?

Mmm. Men are not supposed to cry, my dear. Even though we feel like crying sometimes. I don’t think I could cry now, even if I wanted to.

When did you forget how to cry, Daddy?

Too long ago. Too long ago.


Granny, why don’t you cry when you’re sad?

I do, my dear, though if I think crying will upset other people, I wait until they are gone, then I have a really good blub.

Who don’t you mind crying with, Granny?

Friends. Real friends.

Daddy, Why do people die?

Because our bodies are like machines, my pet. They break down and wear out.

Will you die Daddy?

One day, in a long, long time from now.

Don’t die yet, Daddy, there’s so much to do!

I know. So much.


Granny, why do people die?

So they can live again, dear. In heaven and when they come back to learn some more.

Will you die, Granny?

Yes, of course, dear.

Will you come and visit me?

I’ll always be in your dreams, keeping you safe.




~by David Straker~

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