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Life changing

The information on this site is incredible and so helpful to anyone. It is changing the way I perceive others, giving me confidence and gives me more meaning with all human interaction. Also, there is information on here for lifetimes with different and interesting topics/subject that all intertwine and support each other.

 -- Anon, Australia


Thank you so much for the effort you put in to this site. I've browsed on other topics and found them very helpful. More power to you!

 -- Donald


Thank you Dave for putting this amazing, powerful, and comprehensive guide online for free.

I also like your philosophy in the About Section.


-- Marco, Egypt

Thank you so much

You guys are awesome, I love this site.

-- Anon

Fantastic Site...  

One of the best sites online these days - love it.

Thank you so much

-- Ritch

Thank you!!

What an awesome site, thanks so much for all the time you have put into making it. I'm sure its helped thousands of other students like myself, and behalf of all of us, I needed to thank you.

-- Gavin J, USA

Hi. I would really like to appreciate you for your posts. It was really amazing. Keep going on.

-- Anon

Great Learning Resource!

I really enjoyed the Techniques section with the techniques that students can use to improve their presentation skills.

-- Anon

Great website thanks for putting it together and keeping it going.

-- Mike

To the author of this website,

I would just like to take the time to sincerely THANK you for your dedication towards this. It is such a beautiful and information filled website, that has really helped me understand myself and others.

-- Anon

I just wanted to quickly express my gratitude for the efforts you have made in creating your website. I utilized some of your information related to modern theories of leadership in a class paper I submitted just this week (I did include the appropriate citation). There will be more papers to write and I look forward to further tapping into your exceptional online resource. Thank you so much for sharing your abilities and efforts.

Best regards,

Robert S. (student at Bryant & Stratton College, Hampton, VA)

Appreciate your hard work and salute you.

Very helpful knowledge you are providing for every one ...thanks for all your team who make this site.

-- Anon

Article: The Need for a Sense of Identity

Hi! Thank you so much for this article, I'm doing year 12 and it is extremely helpful for my Study of Religion assignment about Identity. I love the site, and I will definitely use it in future for a reference! :)

-- Anon

I want to take this opportunity and thank you for the excellent content you have put out for us all. I greatly appreciate it and read with a voracious appetite!

Warm greetings from a thawing Sweden

 -- Robert O.

deindividuation: you really helped with my school powerpoint thank you.

-- Anon

Hi there

Thank you for great work, it is really helping me.


-- Drew

Thank you for all of your help!

Just wanted to let you know how helpful your articles entitled Basic Emotions and Primary and Secondary Emotions were for me! I am an IB student trying to tackle my second Theory of Knowledge presentation and I cannot tell you how amazing and easy it was to both understand and cite these articles.

Thank you again and keep it up! This is definitely my go-to for my next presentation.

-- Karlee, Celebration High School Junior 

I'm a psychic and my cards actually guided me to you so thanks for all of your wisdom you were able to provide for us, truly heaven sent.

-- Josh

This is an amazing website. Thanks for all your work.

I'm working on algorithms for artificial intelligence and your tools have really helped me with different methods for thinking about the problems I'm having. 


-- Joe

overall site comment

Fantastic & amazingly simple to navigate about all things involving persuasion.  

Its beauty is its simplicity. No bells & whistles needed because the content speaks for itself. Bravo.

-- Julie

Awesome Website!

Just wanted to say how great your site is. It has been very beneficial to me!

Thank You

-- Dan

Hey I just quoted your article "2D and 3D Characters" in my essay for English great job!

-- Anon

Lovely site.

Thanks for the site! I'm researching being manipulated by a socialised psychopath and his mate, a Machiavellian (both subclinical0. At least, that's how I see them. Science lags so far behind reality - the study of psychopathy is in its infancy. All the subgroups - Search for '16 faces of a psychopath' - and the question of how groups of personality disordered types complement each other, none of it's addressed yet. (I think my P and M together make a Dark Triad). Anyhow, thanks!

-- Richard

I am devouring your book -- thank you for taking the time to send it over. It's more like a text book than any other book on influence I've ever read!

You've done a great job with it.

 -- Will B.

The time has come for me to formally thank you for

As a behavioral scientist and lecturer, I’ve used your website for years and am always astounded by the breadth of topics, level of detail, and organizational structure. Vast, easy to use and definitely one of the most thorough and accurate resources on the web.

Thanks for an amazing resource — I will continue to sing your praises to colleagues, clients and students.

All the best,

-- Judy, USA

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have been following this site for quite a while now and I would just like to say that your site is simply awesome. Thank you for the effort that went into it.

Keep up the good work.

-- Anon

I absolutely love your blog and find most of your post's to be just what I'm looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content available for you? I wouldn't mind publishing a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write related to here. Again, awesome website!

-- Anon

(See the contributing articles page for guest writing -- Dave)


I need to use some of my time to thank you!

I always look for sites and articles for personal growth and what I found here was a gold mine.

the site has a number so complex content that I was speechless. In addition many of you have interesting contents, all are complete with data that I had never seen on other sites.

Good work, honestly.

-- Anon

Dear sir,

Thanks for this site. I was suffering from so many disputes in my office life due to lack of this knowledge of mind manuals.

-- Kunwer P.K

Nothing but praise

Hey Dave! I'm Abdullah. Nice to meet you.
In your site, you have amazing pages. I'm astounded. I'm beginning to realize the possibilities psychology yields.
Thank you. Keep up the good work.

-- Abdullah

Awesome ! 

Hi. Through all those long years of net surfing this is the most awesome site I ever came across. And I'm not letting go of it! Unbelievable. Such detailed expert explanations and advice. I'm happy. Thank you.

-- Anon

All I wanna say is, thank you for this Website man. It has already brought me a lot of luck just reading the pages and understanding the different aspects of changing minds. Keep it up My friend!

-- R. G. D.

Dear Mr. Straker,

This is just a short message to say to you a big thank you for your wonderful Book "Changing Minds in details".
I am reading it very in details in order to grasp everything from it, and I have to say this is by far the best book I have read up to now. Very precise, concise but with really mind-changing information. I would recommend it to anyone (but I still believe that to recommend a book this person should have the desire to read by herself first, otherwise recommending is just useless, they will never read it).

I just thought you may like to hear that this book generated a real change for me and my coworkers (because I am manager of a team of people), so again, Thank you !


-- Cyprien R., Korea


Thanks so much for this website. It has helped me understand myself on a much deeper level than I'd ever done before. 

--Anon, Bangalore, India

Thank you!

I just want to say thanks for creating the most comprehensive guide to persuasion I have ever found on the internet. I spent such a long time looking for a website looking for anything else, that I was blown away when I finally found your website.

Thanks for keeping updated!

-- Anon

Hi everyone, I'm Prabu from Chennai, Tamilnadu.  I really appreciate the fact that you people has made the ultimate knowledge of persuasion completely available for free. Thought I spend very little time on your website reading, i often come back for more, it's helping me. Thanks again.

-- Prabu

Love this site.

I come here when I am trying to break down thought patterns about various situations and figuring out why or why not certain things happen. Thanks for your hard work and all the info you supply. VERY helpful to me. :)

-- Leisa

Thank you!

 Hi I found this site when researching for a speech I have to give for my public speaking class. I decided to talk about body language and all this has really been a great help. Thanks!

-- Anon

I found your site whilst exploring on how to write an essay (college). I have been out of school for over 18 yrs now. I need help in creating a 'great' essay without taking from others. I very much like what you have done with this site, as it saves me looking for inspiration and understanding a word. It gets me thinking outside the box. Thank you for all you have achieved here and continue to do so. Keep up the HARD work. God Bless.

-- Anon


I'd just like to thank you for the hard work  I've purchased your changing minds book 3 times and also small words big change I have the highest respect for u and appreciate you diving into these topics it's so hard to find one place with all these principles so organized I just like to say thank you and you're very inspiring.

-- Daniel

I have no idea how to express my appreciation.

Thank you for this site.

You have helped me through not only the most traumatic experience of my life (as if that weren't enough!!), but you've also helped me understand how the world and how people and how society works, and in my career you helped me pinpoint the significance of 'groupthink' and put it into perspective... well, you've helped me in a lot of ways.

Like the subject line above, I'm really not sure how to let you know how much impact you've had on my life, but I realized recently that I needed to say something.


In the truest form of the word 'sincerely', Thank you.

-- Maggie C.

Once in a while you find a website where you can find everything you want to learn.. This is one of them..

-- Anon

I am still exploring your sites. Everyday I discover something new. Everyday i learn something I didn't know.

Thank you

-- Roberto, Spain

Hi Dave, I just finished your changing minds book, great work, It deserves plenty of awards.

-- James M.

I find myself at your site over and over when I'm trying to learn more. It's an an amazingly well organised and presented resource.

-- Arun

This note is to express gratitude for your publishing this most helpful information. I have been satisfactorily 'schooled' and tutored with the very practical explanations and suggestions you have placed here. My professional life as an RN and supervisor, my community life and my personal life have all benefited. My thanks and good wishes to all of the persons who have made Changing Minds possible.

-- Mary T. F.

Love the site Dave, cant believe I didn't find this site years ago. You are forever a invaluable part of the internet.

-- Anon

Thanks for all this great stuff by the way!

-- Tristan

I'm a filmmaker attempting to write my first feature film script. I discovered your site today, and just wanted to congratulate and thank you on such a wonderful resource of knowledge. LOVE IT!


-Otlyn B.

I just found your site tonight and I love it! From what I can tell it may be the "smartest" site on the internet.

Thank you!
Devlin R.

I just wanted to say that I have used this site for two research papers so far, and the information here has never failed me.  It is easy to understand, and always accurate.  I just wanted to thank you for creating this site, because it is  an amazing resource and has helped me twice.  So thank you so much.  Please keep this site updated because it is helping students like me.


 -- Christina


I just want to tell you that that site is absolutely great and powerful, thank you very much for that great work!

Best Regards,
Martin M

I came across this site while researching, the article in the Guardian I was reading mentioned Changing Minds and here I am.  I'm so happy to have found a site like this all this, it's a fantastic site!  Thank you Dave.  I am so engrossed with it that its taken me away from my studies and the library closes at five.  Must go but I will be back!

 -- DD, London, UK

I just wanted to say I love your site, it is extremely helpful and clear, well written and energizing, thank you!

-- Steve B

Very good site. Thanks  

 -- Santha K

The site is great. Thanks a lot. Happy new year :)

-- Hoang N

Hey David,

My name is Ian, I am a 17 year old student from Australia, and just wanted to thank you for the excellent source of information this site provides.

I came across your site while searching for articles on body language and dominance, and Changing Minds has helped me to not only understand dominant behavior, but also to subvert it.

The more articles I read, the more links I keep clicking on and get distracted by - there's just such a wealth of great information available.

- Thank you for putting such effort into this site, Ian.

-- Ian F

Work that deserves praise!

Informative. Helping. Great.

Thank you!

-- A, Moldova

! I found you after reading the book by Scott Adams, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”. He references the theories you discuss and how important it is to have an understanding of the biases that people have. Thank you for providing such a great resource on your website,, and through your book to help me better understand these concepts.

-- Raquel B, USA

Wow, I came across this site and I must say, I'm impressed with how well detailed the information is and how well is laid out for reading ease.

Thank you for sharing this site with us!
-- Gigi, USA

This is the most incredibly informative website I've landed upon in a while. I don't even remember how I got here, but I'm glad I did.

-- Greg

I came across your webpage the second time recently via Stumbleupon and thought once again you are doing probably something extraordinary. I especially like the practicality of your approach, and the way things are categorized into tiny, separate bits. The coverage seems also impressive.

-- Valtteri, Finland

Thank you for all the work you’ve done with Changing Minds. I’ve found it to be the best resource for getting an overview of change and persuasion principles. 


--Ben N., MN, USA

I'm in love with ur hardwork, with ur such a greaf stuff that u put for us.

why m so late to find this website. Hands down for u,

-- Anon

I can't believe I hadn't found this website before. Thank you so much for all the superb information you present here. I will use all of your affiliate links for sure each and every time I buy a book you recommended. Thanks so much!

 -- Carlos, USA

I love your site. Studying change has always fascinated me.

-- Michael H, USA

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the website.

Kind regards

-- Hasani

I just came across your site today and must tell you: I am impressed!

You have a great deal of excellent information here, which is well-presented and very useful for people like me who speak and write for a living.

I will be coming back to look -- and learn -- some more.

Thanks again, and all the best!

-- Bruce D.

Love the site, thanks for everything!

  -- Kyle P.

Amazing resource!

I just want express my appreciation for this amazing wealth of information. I am not very comfortable in social gatherings but the insights I have gleaned in just a short time have been personally very helpful.

The site is also very enjoyable to read and there is huge amount of useful information.

Thank you.

 -- Doug C, Norfolk UK

This is just a letter to thank you for your comprehensive web site full of information about body language. I have not even started to look at the rest, but I am very interested. I am busy writing my memoire and already have the skeleton of 65 000 words. Now I am searching the internet so find some indications of body language to give my story flesh, and wow! Yours is the best, I do not have to go further.

Thank you

 -- Estelle K, South Africa

Hi. I'm from the Philippines and I just have to tell you, your work at has saved me hours of writing and presentations. I get to communicate effectively and therefore get my bosses or clients right where I want them to be and believe what I want them to believe. You've made my life easier.

 -- Karlo G., Philippines

I just want to say thank you for so many helpful resources in one place.  I found out about your site through my professor.  I love all the lists!  It makes everything so easy to find, and the material is easy to read and understand.

I had to actually make myself leave the site, because I just reading and reading, but I had assignments to do!  I have your site on my favorites list now and plan to refer to it often.  Thanks again.

 -- Sherry E.

It was great to find this site and see how it has been put together just for me. how may I ever re-pay your labor, foresight vision and creativity. 'yah is good people'  I also like the fact that you might make some money. Your funny and I'm excited for you and your family. As you have learned when we decide to pursue our heart and do what right rather than do what may pay. Although, don't get me wrong keeping things on rent, light, cable email coffee and a late night supper and play is also living in balance. I've digressed please allow me to say again thank you! For your vision and foresight for struggling human consultants and educators.

 -- Carter

wlp Workforce Learning Practitioner

I have been looking for a great article about how to cope with envious for 2 weeks and nothing was as good and complete as yours,


-- Shayda H.

Dear David,

I'm a mature student of an undergraduate program of Social Studies (Honors-Level 8) with Applied Social Care. And your site has been a great tool, to support my understanding of conformity & compliance on the influence of groups.

I would like to say first of all, a big thank you for providing free access to such a great material that you have on your site. Second, you're an inspirational person, thank you so much as you have taught me more than I wished for, but not less than I need!

-- Cida Silva Limerick - Ireland

Thank you very much on your page on theories. It was very helpful and exciting to learn.

Very good job. Keep up.

-- Sane

Hey Dave & co,this site is brilliant, having spent almost all my life being put on I think in this i have found my sanctuary, Thank God for you, I am so excited I have many nights of reading and I will certainly be spreading the word about your works in a word WOW!

-- tracey

Thanks for all the excellent summary information you have...your web page succinctly summarises a lot of constructs that are difficult to glean from academic books.

Keep up the good work!

Trevor G.

Perth, Australia

This site is serious, professional, educating, and wonderful. I want to thank all of you who develop it.

-- Ali M. - Art Professor

I have just been re-acquainted with your website after having lost it for a couple of years. I just wanted to say Thank You for helping a small-time salesman understand some great tactics/techniques. You guys are the best website hands-down for this type of information.



Such a wonderful, interesting website. I'm fascinated with persuasion. So this website is right up my alley.

I stumbled across it when I searched for Socratic questions on Google (you have a great webpage on that). As I started to browse, I found so much I wanted to read, understand and apply right away. Really exciting for me.

I know it was a lot of work putting a site like this together. And I know I'm not the first and I won't be the last but I'm expressing my deep appreciation for you and your teams hard work.

Time for me to do my part and start learning.

Best wishes,

 -- Jason

Special thanks to your Site. I don't know if u believe in God or not But God bless u people whatever u are. Wish U good Luck in your Job and Thanks for Sharing with us these Valuable Information.

Full of Respect

-- Arber L


Thanks Dave!

You've done a great job ;-D

 -- Shirley ML

Stumbled on your great website trying to understand Myers Briggs types. Read your blog and coincidentally saw something today that really was profound in a comical way. A bumper sticker on an old car in front of me that said "DON'T PANIC. There is always Welfare." THere is so much unease in the world, and I think that bumper sticker said - what is the worse that can happen - you lose everything? That's not so bad, even then, there is help even then. Just seemed kinda of brilliant to me. have a good Friday.

-- anon


I just found your website surfing how to listen. Beautiful! I like the short style.

-- Don C.


How exciting!!

I am in awe. Thank you so much. I feel like my perpetually curious brain is finally able to experience knowledge satiety. And from just your generous site alone!!

With deepest gratitude,
 -- Leah (from VA)


I'm based in Melbourne Australia and teach a course for young people with a disability about joining the workforce.

I will be including your material in my student workbook as it is so perfectly suited to the units I deliver. It came as a surprise that you had no copyright issues and for this there are approx 18 young people and myself who are very grateful indeed.

Warm wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

 -- Janice G.

My name is Kathryn and I'm currently doing a degree, having found particularly useful information on your website I began to hunt how to reference you accurately and I was amazed at the entire section you have to help us poor students out!!
Just want to say it's such a good feature and I wish every website had it!
Thank you; an incredibly grateful student.

-- Kathryn H


thank you! your site rocks!

-- et

Thank you, for this practical, clear and very well understood and explained content in your website.

In my opinion, not only the content but also the organization of the content is major breakthrough.

As an engineer who was not educated on these matters, it was a great benefit for me reading from your website.

Thank you again.

-- Gediz G

I would just like to thank you for the analysis of the Barack Obama acceptance speech on your website.

On Friday afternoon I taught a group of adults who are giving education a second shot and who hope to go on to train to be teachers on completing their Access to Higher Education course.

As a class we watched the speech in full and then went through your detailed analysis of the speech line by line - it was an amazing session. We had been studying the use of persuasion over the last four sessions, looking at increasingly complex structures and formats in preparation for the students' first written assignment. In the majority of cases this is the first piece of academic writing students will attempt in a good many years.

What the students lack in confidence and technqiue they more than make up for in experience, life skills and passion and they got it - they really got it. Allegory, rhetoric, personification, alliteration - terms which caused widespread panic just a few weeks ago were acknowledged, understood and discussed with considerable knowledge and insight. This was where their implicit knowledge of language became explicit and where their self belief and confidence came on in leaps and bounds.

This is a first class resource - with thanks from us all.

-- Anne M, USA

Love your website.

Lots of great information. Is there anything I can do to help support your website?

 -- Lois R. Nurse Manager, Rhode Island

I just wanted to thank you for creating this site. I am in sales, and I refer to your site daily. The information that you provide is amazing! I appreciate all that you have done. May your year continue to be prosperous.

Best Wishes,

 -- C.L. Berry

TRUST must be earned by a worthy human being.

When a person betrays our trust we don't ever forget it.


just wanted to let you know how amazing your website is.

you have obviously put a lot of effort in it -- and the outcome is sure changing minds for better out there! thank you so much for that. i'm in your debt.

keep up the great work!!

 -- Luis,

from s? paulo, brazil.

Just wanted to add some praise to the heaps you must be getting with this site, you've truly done an amazing job compiling all these techniques and principles in one place. Thank you so much! You rock!

-- Isaac S-K

Thank you !

Thank you so much for satisfying so many questions of my mind !

Thanks for the info

I hope you'll be continue to build this site.

Dear Dave,
I am very impressed with the content, format and ease of finding good information on this site. It has been very helpful indeed for my work and studies.

Thank you

-- Jane C

You have been very helpful for my fair project. I did it on body language and how it affects communication. I wanted to personally thank you for the info and have you cited properly. Please continue the excellent work of the standard of this website

-- Mason

I just wanted to let you know I am doing a project making a staffing handbook for my staffing class. As I was looking for information on behavior-based questions and the Halo effect I found your article. I just wanted to let you know that this article is great and helped me learn even more then I already know. I have used you as a source for those two areas and I wanted to thank you for publishing this article. I will be letting friends know who take the class I am in now to come and look at your site for some great information. Again Thank You.

-- April R

I have just gotten started with your site. I have been keenly interested in the mind-all of my life. Your work, because it is intelligent, has certainly caught my attention. Sharon

Truly you have out done yourself by creating this site, along with many other ones. I have read many of the things inside of changing minds, and I can definitely see myself growing from the inside out. Keep up the great work, it's really helpful for a lot of people!

-- Jon F.

Good Visit

Excellent site. Please continue publishing this information.

Enjoying your page! Geino ?tsch, US

Play? Fiction?

A wealth of information you have here, much of which is useful for creative writers.

Thanks very much; please consider my topic suggestions a mark of my appreciation.

Many thanks for this wonderful site. I'm quite new to sale and am learning a lot from it!

 -- Mike

Eeek! So much to read. But useful and very easy to read.

 -- Jinto.

Hi. This is Siobhan in Australia. Just wanted to say I love the section on body language. Keep it up.


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