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Gantt Chart: Examples

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A project team in a printing works had a solution to an electrical problem which required all machines to be stopped whilst a fuse box was replaced and a cable was laid into a new machine. Normally, this would have taken two days, but they used two electricians and careful optimization of the Gantt Chart to minimize slack time, as in the illustration. As a result, the work was easily completed within one day.



Fig. 1. Example Gantt Chart


Other examples

  • A deliveries manager uses a Gantt Chart to show the time taken by different groups and carriers in the process of sending a package to a customer in another country. This highlights the most time-consuming steps, which then become a focus for improvement.
  • A family, building their own house, uses a Gantt Chart to plan the tasks in erecting the building By careful optimization of it, they are able to reduce the original calculated building time by 25%.
  • When an improvement team in a metal box manufacturer is set up to reduce the reject rate of steel boxes, they use a Gantt Chart to plan the team's activities. They also use another chart to plan and track the implementation of the final solution.



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