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Beyond Six Sigma

~ David Straker ~


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Deepening strength

Six Sigma has strengths in a number of areas, yet a good Black Belt would quickly acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in these.

Additional project management

Although Six Sigma does include a notable focus on projects, there is also scope for further improvement in this, especially if large-scale improvement projects and programmes are to be undertaken. Project management is a well-proven discipline to managing risks and delivering on-time, on-budget projects.

Deepen process understanding

‘Process’ is a subject that seems easy on the surface, but has many layers of complexity. For example, the Six Sigma focus on working from a deep understanding may be applied to human processes, such as where the process outputs are more about understanding and commitment. There are also process methods beyond those normally used, such as State-Transition diagrams and QFD methods.

Extend strategic focus

Six Sigma already has a strong customer-oriented focus. Particularly when Black Belts get involved in strategic business projects or even on the strategic process itself, then a strong understanding of strategy and its applications can be both very useful and highly credible. There is a huge strategic literature from which learning in this area can be acquired. Good strategy is a foundation for business success and a mature improvement focus will include strategic decision processes.


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