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C Style: Standards and Guidelines (contents)

CHAPTER 7 : File Layout


CHAPTER 7 : File Layout
7.1 Layout of directories
7.2 Division of files
7.3 Considerations for File Layout
7.4 Header files
7.5 Layout of Data files
7.6 Layout of Code files
7.7 Summary

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Good layout is just as important for files as it is for functions, as the reader must understand the context within which the functions are set.

File layout can be divided into external and internal layout:

  • The external layout of the file concerns the organization of files within the computer's filing system. The external file layout is also affected by the philosophy used to determine when, where and how files are to be divided.
  • The internal file layout concerns what is put where within the file. Note that functions are treated as atomic items at this level of layout.

This chapter looks at the division and layout of files from the external level down to the internal level, necessarily straying into project organization and design domains in order to determine what a file might contain.


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