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Here's assorted other photos taken across Britain. And a slideshow.

See also: Photos of London, Mottisfont Abbey and A Frampton Break.

Tintern and Veddw

A short escape during August 2012. Slideshow here.

Tintern Abbey and cows

More about the cows

Window angle

Window direct

Pointing at heaven

Reflecting pool, Veddw

Sun and pool

Square diagonal

Mostly sky

Upside down

Hedge curves

Simple curves

Simple logo?

Swinley Forest

Forest walks, April 2012...

Misty tree

Foggy wood

Frozen furrows

One furrow

Eleri, dogs, trees, light: painting

Eleri and light

Eleri and light

Split tree

Primrose woods

Forest log

Eleri and dogs

Frosty wood

First rays

Dogs and trees

First rays on bark


Random others

A few other photos I liked, taken here and there.


Martins Heron station sunset

Martins Heron foggy evening

Nottingham University across lake


Native Americans in Southampton


Cottage in Llanrwst

River and light at Llanrwst

Bridge and flood at Llanrwst

Windsor Castle and the long walk

Snow in April!

Stamford, Lincs

Tesco skies

Sunset from train

Autumn graveyard

Cafe in Windsor station

The girl and the crier

Lichfield morning

Moon over castle

Tree-cutting (in our garden!)

Windsor Great Park tree

Radcliffe Camera Oxford
Rhyddlan Castle evening

Shrewsbury bridge and river


Shrewsbury bridge detail

Orange rose

Frosty hillside

Frosty hillside (detail)

Llanwenarth walk

Holly and ice


Reading pipers

Rail bridges at Bracknell

Shoreham church

Summer concert in Shoreham

Lewes memorial

Lewes church

Harvey's Brewery, Lewes

Petworth gate

Foxton Locks

Boat at Foxton

Boat at Foxton

In Market Harborough

Bridge over Wye

Bridge over Wye

Tintern and Wye

Misty farmhouse from train

A perfect rainbow

Autumn tree

Autumn's up

Root and Tree

Simon's Wood lake

Harwell morning

Sunrise and trees, Oxfordshire

Compton door

Compton altar




Hole sculpture

Knitted lion

Knitted lions


Swinley Forest

Between Crowthorne and Bracknell.


Sunrise over reservoir lake

Leaves in forest pond

Trees in pond, Swindley Forest

Same trees, same pond

Reflection in forest pool

Just the reflection

Reflection in reservoir pool

Snow and pool

Snow and saplings

Snow tree

Snow tunnel

Just some trees

Eleri and the dogs

Noses in the snow

Fighting dogs

The Joker and pal

Tall scene

Tree scene

Fast dogs

Eleri in a snow tunnel

Forest morning

Logs in the forest

Three clumps



Watts Memorial Chapel, Compton

Side exterior of chapel

The altar


Door detail

Rear exterior

Internal wall detail

Internal wall detail

Wall detail




A few of the best photos taken in our Suffolk break.


Black and white in Lavenham

Framlingham Castle

Seagull in Aldeburgh

Wheeling birds in Aldeburgh

Southwold beach huts

Southwold pier

Elizabeth I window at Melford

Eleri in Bury

Cotswold water park

In December, with frozen lake and confused birds.

Morning view over frozen lake

Sticks, coot and ice



In morning light



Leeds Castle

The wonderful and real castle in Kent.


Leeds Castle and black swan

Contrast and light over the trees

Red kite close overhead




Historic capital.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Cathedral detail

Cathedral detail

Small bridge

Mill race

King on a wall

Old Market

Stream to bridge

Salisbury street




Dreaming spires.

Church and garden

Church and garden B/W

Bridge of Sighs


Window on the castle

Balls into distance

Receding balls

Receding balls - metal

Castle mound

Bike at the Bodlean

Bike at the Bodlean - close

Back of college

At college gate

People on church tower


Radcliffe Camera

Studying in the garden




2 May 09

Lock bridge

Richmond promenade

Boats and river

Ted Baker

A man's castle is his home


Another flower

Lots of flowers

Flowers detail

Train over bridge

Richmond Bridge

Heron prowling


Virginia Water

16th May 2009, a walk with the dogs, Maz and John.


Dogs and Eleri

Dogs and Lake

Tree view 1

Tree view 2


The Punch Bowl

Dead rhododendrons

Fallen little flowers


Flower steps

Red rhododendrons

Tree slope

At rest

Passing flowers

Through the tree

Tree arch

Punchbowl panorama 1

Punchbowl panorama 2

Gunnera garden

Shoots flowers and leaves


White Horse

28th June 2009, a buzz over to the white horse at Uffington.


Eleri at the white horse

White horse, small boy, nice view

Sheltering sheep on the white horse downs

Panorama from the white horse

Butterfly on thistle

River at Goring and Streatley






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