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Latest photos

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If you want to keep up with what I'm snapping, here's the latest photos, the most recent on top.



After Australia we went to New Zealand. Here's a slideshow of just the favourites below. And here's the full slideshow.


Preening cormorant

Mountain angle

First light

Third light 

Queenstown classic

Parasailing over Queenstown

Three hills and a farm

Mountain angles, Arrowtown

Gibbston Valley winery

Bungy jumper, Kawaru

Braided river

Parasail tricks

Boat land and miss

Beach landing

Second light

Mirror lakes

Meadow and trees

Misty cwm

Stream and erosion

Milford Sound panorama

Light and dark

High falls

Waterfall base

Waterfall splay

Monochrome stream

Glenorchy weird trees

Glenorchy pier (and ducks)

Zorro was here

LOTR location

Glenorchy cafe

Queenstown singer

Earnslaw profile

Mountain and cloud

Ship machinery

Lakeside diagonal

Little hill

Tree and rock

Omarama antiques

Mount Cook approach

Glacier cross



Rocky valley

Glacial flower

Canada geese in long grass

Chapel reflection

Christchurch cathedral, earthquaked

Christchurch tram

Line of boats

Maori temple detail

Maori haka

Museum entranced

Classic Auckland view

Gulls at Muriwai

Baby gull practicing

Gulls at the edge

Fisherman and the sea

Muriwai coast

Olympic bowspirit

Lift bridge detail



Went to Australia. Here's a slideshow of favourite below. And here's a full slideshow.


Watching you, Melbourne

Yarra panorama, Melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Federation Square area, Melbourne

Botanical gardens house, Melbourne

Remembrance inside, Melbourne

Remembrance to city, Melbourne

Surfers, Victoria

Roof at Otway cove, Victoria

Cape Otway lighthouse, Victoria

Wild koala, Victoria

Apostles, Victoria

Otway birds, Victoria

Three trees, Victoria

Farmstead, Victoria

Kangaroo and joey, Alice Springs

Uluru from air

Desert sunrise, Uluru

Pool, Uluru

Two trees, Uluru

Rounded shapes, Uluru

Tree sunburst, Uluru

Rock portal, Daintree

Eastern Brown snake, Kuranda

Rainforest stream below, Kuranda

Old car, Kuranda

Light on the trees, Kuranda

Stoney Creek falls detail, Kuranda

Lots of fish, Cairns

Coral, Cairns

Romantic view, Sydney


Sydney CBD curve

Opera detail, Sydney

Opera detail, Sydney

Opera and seaplane, Sydney

Jetsons house, Bondi

Volleyball on Bondi

Bondi dog mural

Cool dog

Under Pyrmont bridge, Darling harbour

Evening light over bridge

Opera prom evening

Opera three sails at night

The ranger's wallaby


Joey in the pouch

Tasmanian devil


Wallaby triangle

Crocodile's lunch

Eleri and koala

Govett's Leap view

Leura garage restaurant

Three Maidens view

Lyre bird spreads its tail

Sunset under bridge to opera

Sydney CBD at night

Opera and CBD panorama

Bridge climbers

Sleeping codger




Photos in Abergavenny Castle Meadows

Castle Meadows Houses

Monochrome Castle Meadows and sky

Castle Meadows panorama




Photo club trip to rainy Dinefwr Park.


King's eye

WW1 chest

Photo lesson

Distant deer

Hall and mist

Fungal edge

Hill and mist 1

Hill and mist 2

Photographing the cow

Dinefwr cow

Dinefwr sunset



Photo club trip to Llantwit and Vale coast.

Llantwit rocks

Ship in sun


Nash Point sphinx

Nash Point pool

Photographers on hill

John at Nash Point



Went to Siena. Here's favourites (and in a slideshow). And more photos here.


Moody street

Duomo dome inside

Storm over tower

Up in Commune de Siena


Windows and high buildings

Salimbeni (bloke) Square night

Tuscan morning

Pietro Alla Magione

San Francesco

Empty campo


San Domenica

Duomo sunset


Five towers

Tuscan scenery

Wine stop

Nested doors

Pagan and Christian

Five windows


Duomo round window

Three windows

Window washing

Engraver at work

History of a wall

Duomo vignette



Great sunset

Black Mountains from Blorenge

Orchid painted by Geraint

Rainbow over Oak


Swallows, a halo moon and fruity orchard.

Halo moon

Three swallows

More swallows

Even more swallows

Butterfly on thyme

Eleri and apples

We've plums too!

Us and dogs in orchard


A walk around the top of the Blorenge

Dogs in the car

Heather and view

Gilwern and Sugar Loaf

The valley up towards Brecon

Panorama from Blorenge

Down the punchbowl (wide angle)

Down the punchbowl



A walk up the Skirrid

Mossy tree

Abergavenny and the Blorenge


Mottled sky

Monochrome angle

Panorama Blorenge to Sugar Loaf with Abergavenny



A beautiful sunrise

Sunburst through the oak

Seat, oak and sunrise




A random set of photos at the wonderful gathering of friends, July 2013. Here's a slideshow.


Men's croquet

Ladies croquet


Graham plays croquet

Helen and Pete playing croquet

Keith playing croquet









Above lounge

The guys

The gals





Gilwern wander up over canal to little church and back with photo club

Gilwern church

Old grave, Gilwern

Gravestones, Gilwern

Yew up, Gilwern church

Mountain circle

Sunset over Gilwern field

Sunset over canal, Gilwern



Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire. More detail here plus slideshow.

Leaving Martin's Haven

Seagull follower

Landing lecture

Happy Jo


Skomer farmhouse

Julie at work

Burrows and rocks

Clifftop puffin


Puffin head

Puffin detail

Puffin taking off

Puffin in flight

Puffin nagging

Puffin in burrow

Hunting the puffin

Puffin point

Gulls nesting on the cliff

Coastal walk


Bluebell hill

Monochrome bird

Waiting for the boat home


Skomer Island




Corfu holiday. These are the favourites (here's a slideshow). More photos here.

Hel and James, waiting at the airport

Vlacherna Monastery

Sunken boat

Three men on the quay

Barbati high key


Taverna view

Sunbathing on the quay

Paleokastritsa artist

Wall and bit of door

Paleokastritsa monastery and flowers

Sinking boat

George's car

Wine bottles

Blossom and bee

Stones in the sea

Root and rock

Barbati dreamer

Barbati waders


Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island


Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle

Skenfrith Castle


Red kite centre

Feeding kites

Kites in the air



More snows

Evening oak

Blorenge icing

Skirrid diagonal

Black Mountains snow

Skirrid and Blorenge snow

Skrrid icing

Sugar Loaf icing

Sugar Loaf icing


Photo club model shoot.

The set








January snows

More here.

Across orchard in snow

From the Skirrid down to Llanddewi in the snow

Skirrid ridge in the snow

Skirrid woods in the snow


Beca in the snow

Ceri in the snow

I've got the cat. Har har.


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