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This is a list of all of the 111 Tools of the Trade articles that appeared in Quality World between 1995 and 2013, sorted alphabetically.


100 Tips and Traps for Quality

Activity Diagram

Advanced Risk Analysis

Affinity Diagram (KJ Analysis)

Ansoff Matrix

Assessment RAG Guideline and Template

Assumption Management

Attribute analysis

Basic Risk Analysis

Better Networking

Bodies of Knowledge

Boston Matrix


Capability Index

Cause-Effect (Fishbone) Diagram

Check Sheet

Communities of Practice

Concept Screening

Control Chart (part 1: interpreting them)

Control Chart (part 2: Types of Control Chart)

Control Chart (part 3: producing the chart)

Calculation detail for X-MR, X-bar/R and X-bar/S Control Charts

Calculation detail for defective (p and np) Control Charts

CPS creativity framework

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Cultural analysis

Customer Sacrifice gap

Decision Management

Decision Tree 1

Decision Tree 2 (decision strategies)

Extending creative sessions

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Five S's

Five Paragraph Order

Flow Process Chart

Force-Field Diagram

Four Fields Mapping


Gantt Chart

GE Portfolio Matrix

Guided imagery

Histograms - Creating them

Histograms - Interpreting them

How-How Diagram

IDEF0 - understanding it

IDEF0 - doing it

Issue Management

Kanban, Basic

Kanban, Advanced

Know-what / Know-how Map

Knowledge Map

Kobayashi's 20 Keys

Kubler-Ross cycle

Importance-performance grid

Importance-Urgency Mapping

Investment-Risk Curve

Lateral thinking

Lewin model (3 stage) and push vs. pull

Managing Assumptions

Managing Decisions

Managing Issues

Mind Maps

Morphological Analysis

MoSCoW analysis

MOST Analysis

MoT Analysis

Organizational Health Check

Pareto Chart 1

Pareto Chart 2

PINC Filter

Planguage for Requirements

Porter’s Five Forces


Power analysis

Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)

Quality Cost Audit




Risk calculations

S's, Five

Scatter Diagram part 1: How to do it

Scatter Diagram part 2: calculations





Seven Eyes




The Synectics approach

Tree Diagram

TRIZ part 1

TRIZ part 2

TRIZ part 3

TRIZ part 4


Why-Why Diagram

Value Analysis

Value Stream Mapping

Variation, part 1

Variation part 2


Voting variants


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